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SSC Pool Gasket & Seal Co. Inc. is a manufacturer of swimming pool and spa replacement parts and accessories. We have been making parts for the Pool & Spa industry since 1994. We sell directly to Dealers and Service Companies thus cutting out the distributor or middleman. We do not sell to consumers or the general public. This is the reason we require a password to enter our complete web site. We do not want the general public to view our prices. We have extensive listings of gaskets, O-rings and seals-perhaps more than any company in the Swimming Pool Industry.

How to Find the Part You Need: Use the OEM Part# Cross Reference section on the website. Simply type in the name of the OEM you want (such as Hayward), type in the whole or partial OEM part number, click submit and the SSC number will appear. If you don't type in any number you will get a complete list of parts for the OEM that you picked to choose from. Use the Equipment Cross Reference section to find the piece of equipment in which your part is used. A complete list of parts ( in SSC# order) is also found by leaving "All Parts" in the OEM name section of the Part Search and typing a dash in the SSC# field. To find accessories that we carry click on "accessories" in the product catalog and a complete list will appear.

Parts I.D Simplification: SSC has gone to great lengths to combine all of the parts we offer into as few numbers as possible. If, for example, an O-ring will fit two or more different manufacturer's equipment, we list it under one part number which will fit all the applications listed. There is no more need to order many different part numbers that are actually the same O-ring! We have over 2600 listings of different OEM part numbers, with many of those listings falling under the same part number. To see a complete list of O-rings type O- in the SSC# field and this will generate a complete list of our O-rings. Do the same for gaskets (G-) and seals (MS-) to see those lists. Type a dash (-) to see listings of all products.

Competitive Pricing: We manufacture most of the parts listed here, so our prices are very competitive. Please compare our prices with those of other suppliers.

Quality Materials: SSC uses the highest quality materials available to manufacture our replacement parts.

No Minimum Order: SSC has no minimum order requirement.

Prompt Delivery: Most orders are shipped the same day we receive them (very large orders may take an extra day or so). This saves you the cost of stocking large quantities of parts. Use us as your "parts warehouse".

How to Order: Please use our automated shopping cart located on this website (you must log-in to use this feature) or use our toll-free phone and fax numbers which are listed on the bottom strip of every page in this Website and throughout our catalog. Feel free to order via phone, fax, e-mail or mail.

Catalog Requests: If you would like a hard copy of our complete catalog please either click on the e-mail address listed under the picture of the catalog located below the customer gateway section, or e-mail, call or fax us. You can also download a copy that is in PDF format. Please see the home page for this.

Guarantee of Quality: Quality on all of our products is guaranteed. We will pay for the return shipping cost of merchandise that was defective, damaged or mistakenly shipped to you. We cannot, however, be responsible for damage resulting from installation mistakes.

Terms: Net 30 Days (excluding Early Buy Program); FOB Narragansett, RI. Shipments are made via UPS ground unless otherwise requested.

Credit Cards: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Early Buy Program: We offer two options for our Early Buy Program: Both options require a minimum purchase of $750.00 to qualify for the Early Buy. Any orders over $750.00 will be shipped with no freight charges (freight pre-paid). This applies only to shipments made inside the continental USA and Canada. We will pay ½ of the freight costs for shipments made outside of the continental USA.
1st Option - 3% Discount-Pay within 30 days or with a credit card and take 3% off entire order.

2nd Option - Net 60 Days-Ship in February, payment due May 1. Ship in March, payment due June 1. Ship in April, payment due June 15. Ship in May, June, July, net 30 days.

Downloads: Feel free to download hardcopies of our catalog, new product flyers, price list, early buy program flyer and credit application in PDF format. Click on what you want to download in the "Available Downloads" box located on the Home Page.

New Product Ideas: Your new product ideas are welcome so please keep them coming. Customer input is very important to us. Tell us about the "hard to get" replacement part.

Original OEM Names: Due to the many Pool & Spa industry consolidations in recent years (which tends to get confusing), we have elected to list the manufacturers, for the most part, by their new names. For instance American Products was bought by Pentair several years ago so all of American Products product listings now appear under Pentair in this website.

Please Note: When an original manufacturer's name appears in the description of our products it is for identification purposes only. All parts in this catalog are made to our specifications and should not be confused with the OEM parts.
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